The Awning Window

Awning windows function similarly to casement windows, except that they open from the bottom. Ideal for kitchen window applications and supplemental hard-to-access areas, the Beechworth awning window adds charm without sacrificing function.


Fiberglass is 15x stronger than vinyl for long lasting performance and long-lasting curb appeal.


Dual scissor arm opens and closes the window effortlessly with the turn of one crank.


Interiors machined of solid wood with attractive nested handle.

Not only do the windows look good, they function perfectly and I believe will hold up extremely well in both the Minnesota winter and summer.

Homeowner, Minneapolis, MN

  • Convenient:

    Opening and closing is easy with concealed steel scissor arm

  • Subtle: 

    Low profile crank handle nestles nicely into place

  • Efficient: 

    Tight seals and locking hardware help keep air out

Exterior Colors

  • Frost White
  • Sand Beige
  • Tudor Bronze
  • Cabin Brown

  • Pottery Gray
  • Onyx Black

Interior Colors

  • White
  • Primed
  • Pine

Hardware Color

  • White
  • Tan
  • Rustic Bronze
  • Brushed Nickel

Grille Patterns

  • Colonial
  • 6-Lite Prairie
  • 9-Lite Prairie

The Beechworth fiberglass awning window is built to last with solid scissor arm and side locking system for airtight seals.

  • The awning window frame is machined of solid wood, for an interior aesthetic that adds impact and charm.

  • The awning window's fiberglass exterior for the ultimate in durability and low maintenance.

  • Centered stainless steel scissor arm (concealed and mounted) allows for smooth opening and closing (better than side mounting hardware because there's less pressure for the arm + strong)

  • Standard, all-metal “nested” operator handle features a compaction or detent joint that locks the handle into place when the window is being opened or closed

  • Cam-action sash locks on each side are profiled to follow jamb lines & secure sash with positive locking.

  • Download Product Overview (PDF)

The Beechworth fiberglass awning window is built to last with solid scissor arm and side locking system for airtight seals.

  • Corners are chemically and mechanically bonded for unmatchable strength of construction.

  • High visibility screens are easy to take out and install from the inside or the outside.

  • No matter the size, the Beechworth awning window includes only one locking mechanism so operation is easy and air and water stay out.

  • Energy efficient glass packages available with 2 panes of glass, argon gas and low-e coatings.

  • Windows come custom fit to your opening.

  • Download Tech Specs (PDF)

The Beechworth Awning Window

  • Beechworth is more affordable and still gives homeowners exactly what they’re looking for.

  • The three most important things a homeowner should focus on is getting a product that offers protection, style and comfort.

  • It shouldn't cost more to get a quality product. You deserve a high quality window that is installed properly.